‘Mormon Land’: Therapist discusses what’s right with bishops’ interviews

(Photo courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) Local lay leaders such as bishops regularly interview youths and other members of their Latter-day Saint congregations.

The long-standing practice of having lay bishops interview teens and ask them questions about their faith and their lives, including any sexual activity, has come under fire in recent years.

A group called “Protect LDS Children” urged the church to stop the practice, citing examples of bishops who were insensitive and even abusive. Church leaders made changes, allowing, for instance, those being interviewed to have a second adult with them in these conversations. But critics and some mental health experts maintain the sessions should cease altogether.

Jennifer Roach, a therapist, recent Latter-day Saint convert and a victim of clergy abuse herself, believes the interviews serve a vital purpose. She shares her views on this week’s show.

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