‘Mormon Land’ — Gayle Ruzicka on why she opposes the ERA and how her faith informs her conservative activism on a range of issues

(Francisco Kjolseth | Salt Lake Tribune file photo) Gayle Ruzicka, political activist and leader of the conservative Utah Eagle Forum, is joined by supporters at the state school board meeting Sept. 5, 2019, during the public comment period to talk about their concerns with sex education.

When Utahns recently rallied for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, there was Gayle Ruzicka vowing to oppose it.

Considered one of the most powerful people never to have held elected office, Ruzicka, the conservative activist and president of the Utah Eagle Forum, can be counted on to be in the midst of high-profile fights — from abortion to sex education, gay marriage to conversion therapy, hate crimes legislation to medical marijuana.

She talks about her activism and how her Latter-day Saint faith informs her lobbying — even when it stretches beyond the church’s positions.

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