‘Mormon Land’: Zandra Vranes on Latter-day lingo — how members talk about callings, sex, baptism and more.

(Photo courtesy of Mama Rine Clark) Zandra Vranes.

Latter-day Saints pride themselves on being a “peculiar people,” and they have their own peculiar parlance to reinforce that image.

Stake centers, active, inactive, investigator, Primary, callings, sealings, fast Sunday, Word of Wisdom, baptism for the dead, garments, manifesto, the block. These terms all have specific meanings for members but can be head-scratchers for outsiders.

Zandra Vranes, co-author of "Can I Get an Amen?,” was raised in the church but is comfortable in black denominations, where women wear big hats and shout out their “amens.”

She joined this week’s podcast to talk about Latter-day lingo — how it can be funny, unifying, confusing, misleading, even off-putting.

Listen here.