‘Mormon Land’: Lolly Weed talks about the straight spouses left behind when a mixed-orientation marriage ends and how LDS theology encourages such unions

(Photo courtesy of Kailey Shakespear) Josh and Lolly Weed.

Child-safety advocate Ed Smart recently came out publicly as gay and revealed that he and his wife, Lois, are divorcing.

Such announcements from prominent newsmakers make headlines. But what about the straight spouses left behind? Some say they are the forgotten ones — that when their partner comes out of the closet, they go in.

Lolly Weed knows about this experience professionally and personally. A marriage and family therapist associate, she and her gay husband, Josh, ended their 15-year marriage last year, something they talked about on a previous “Mormon Land."

She returns to this week’s podcast to talk about the challenges these straight spouses face — the heartache, the betrayal, the faith trials, the damage to their self-esteem, and, for Latter-day Saints, the reality of a Mormon theology that, in essence, continues to encourage mixed-orientation marriages, no matter how misguided.

Listen here: