'Mormon Land’: Gay Mormon Josh Weed and his wife, Lolly, talk about their life, their love, their faith and why they’re ending their marriage of 15 years

(Photo courtesy of Kailey Shakespear) Josh and Lolly Weed.

Josh Weed, a gay Mormon, and his wife, Lolly, created a stir when they went public about their mixed-orientation marriage. Now, the husband and wife of 15 years have announced in a heartfelt and heart-rending blog post that they are divorcing.

Why did they marry in the first place? Why are they splitting up now? How did they tell their four daughters? What about their faith, their feelings, their friendship and their futures?

The Seattle couple, featured in a Salt Lake Tribune story this week, candidly discuss those questions and more in this special edition of “Mormon Land.”

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