Letter: America has too many politicians like Lee and too few like Romney

It is sad that we in Utah will no longer have Mitt Romney as our senator. I am not exactly on the same page as Romney on some issues. But, he was honest, intelligent, and placed the country above all else.

In our country today, there are mostly elected representatives who bow to their party come hell or high water. Romney was a conservative who judged each proposal and situation on the facts ‚which didn’t necessarily agree with what his party wanted.

Donald Trump did lose the 2020 election and he did scheme and lied about the results, incite a riot, and tried to overturn an election with bogus alternate Electoral College representatives.

For Romney’s vote for impeachment, several in Utah chose to make Romney a villain. He was right to do what he did based on all the evidence, yet suffered as those who were stupid and believed Trump, cursed Romney and threatened him. He ultimately had to hire security from his own funds. You should not have to pay for protection for being honest and brave in the U.S.A.!

We have a senior Utah senator, Mike Lee, who lacks the qualities Romney has. He is devoted to Trump, not the Constitution of the United States. His latest efforts are to inform the people in Nevada that God brought the rains as punishment, and to express the need to impeach Joe Biden because he wasn’t totally coherent at a recent press conference.

Trump, while president, once told Americans to inject a disinfectant to deal with COVID. No calls from Lee on impeachment then.

This country has too many politicians like Lee and too few like Romney. The country will be less served with the loss of Romney.

You were a very good senator, and many of us will miss you!

Robert Klarich, St. George

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