Sen. Mike Lee says Burning Man flooding is ‘God’s judgment’

“God’s judgment is real,” the Utah senator posted on X in response to a story about sexual promiscuity at the annual event.

(Maxar Technologies | via The Associated Press) In this satellite photo provided by Maxar Technologies, an overview of Burning Man festival in Black Rock, Nev on Monday, Aug. 28, 2023.

Sen. Mike Lee suggested the flooding that has trapped thousands of Burning Man attendees in the Nevada desert was “God’s judgment” for engaging in lewd and sexually charged events at the festival.

Burning Man attendees were told to shelter in place Saturday evening because heavy rain, lasting for several hours, made it virtually impossible for vehicles to travel in and out. Some attendees, including celebrity DJ Diplo and comedian Chris Rock, walked to safety despite warnings. Thousands of people remained stranded as of Monday. At least one person has died.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Lee linked to a provocative story headlined, “Wildest Burning Man events — orgasm hypnosis, whippings and naked oil wrestling.”

“This isn’t healthy. God’s judgment is real,” Lee commented.

That wasn’t Lee’s only hand-wringing this weekend about a lack of morality at Burning Man.

Conservative author Michael Knowles, likely referencing the Biblical story of Moses and the golden calf, posted, “As a general rule, one should endeavor to avoid traveling to the desert for week-long bacchanalian orgies that culminate in the worship of giant burning idols.” The festival’s main event features the burning of a giant sculpture resembling a man.

Ignoring the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lee cited the “road to Damascus” tale from the Bible, in which Paul the Apostle converted to Christianity after a bright light blinded him amid his persecution of Christians. Lee mused that some attendees may be so regretful for taking part in Burning Man that they may turn to religion for solace.

“I wonder how many people have had a ‘road to Damascus’ moment at the conclusion of Burning Man,” Lee posted in response.

Lee’s office did not respond to requests for comment from The Tribune.

Lee routinely posts trolling or provocative content on his personal “Based Mike Lee” account on X. Last month, Lee shared a story from a conspiracy theory website that claimed, without evidence, that new federal COVID-related lockdowns were coming this fall.