Letter: Lee’s ad disparaging McMullin is, well, foolish

(The Salt Lake Tribune) Republican Sen. Mike Lee, left, and independent Evan McMullin, candidates for U.S. Senate in Utah.

There’s a lot that disturbs me in Mike Lee’s ubiquitous commercial paid for by Club for Growth Actions. But this line, in particular, is especially repugnant: “After a foolish vanity campaign for president, Evan McMullin …”

I’m sorry, but who is Mike Lee (and this PAC) to judge Evan McMullin’s decision to run for president?

Any U.S. citizen has a right to run — and a right to participate in our government. In fact, that’s what our democracy is all about. But this scoffing at McMullin’s presidential run is just par for the course for what we’ve heard and seen from Lee. He seems to always know what’s best for his constituents— and now, apparently, for Evan McMullin — regardless of the truth.

In my opinion, this commercial is, to use their own words, foolish.

Kim Smart, Salt Lake City

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