Letter: Romney stands out in standing up to Trump

(Rick Bowmer | AP file photo) Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, speaks during a news conference on Oct. 15, 2020, near Neffs Canyon, in Salt Lake City.

I’m a 65-year Utah resident now living part time in California, and a longtime subscriber to The Tribune and Deseret News. I’m now also a subscriber to the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register — I like to get both sides of the story.
The president’s ongoing temper tantrum is not only childish but also dangerous. However, this too shall pass (like a kidney stone). What is more troubling is the fawning and enabling of many elected Republicans. And now my home state’s Republican party backs his delusional attempts, also. Like him or not, the only parental voice in this “Lord of the Flies” epic is Sen. Mitt Romney. Thank you, Sen. Romney.

Gary Gourley, Orem
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