The second presidential debate was marked by yet another torrent of lies from Donald Trump. This is not new, and we are all largely numbed to it.

One of his lies reveals much about who he is, however. Trump claimed that less than 1% of asylum seekers showed up for their hearings when we let them into the country. In actuality, over 92% of the asylum seekers appeared for their hearings in fiscal years 2013-17. Trump’s lie is almost exactly the opposite of the facts.

It is sad that we have a president whose opinion of us is so low that he lies to us dozens of times a day (according to the Washington Post Fact Checker). This is not healthy for our society. But this particular lie is striking because it reveals so much about Trump.

He is fundamentally a cheater. He also assumes everyone else is as self-centered as he is. He cannot understand people who would choose to follow the law, who would choose to pay their fair share of taxes, who would choose to act for the good of someone else. In his lexicon, everyone who does those things are “losers and suckers.” He does not believe he should have to follow the law, and assumes that anyone who does is “a very low IQ person.”

Actually, our society is based on people choosing to follow the law. The American way is about fairness, equal justice, integrity and opportunity. It requires most of us trying to play by the rules in order to work. Trump’s pervasive lying, corruption and law-breaking is corrosive. When anyone acts like that, it is harmful, but when the president models this behavior, it is a disaster. It is eating away at our society and it needs to stop.

We can do better, friends. We have to do better if we want America to be great again.

Steve Aeschbacher, Salt Lake City