Really! Does anyone other than Dr. Joseph Jarvis (“Give the states a chance to reform health care,” Oct. 14) actually believe that health care left up to Utah would be an improvement over the Affordable Care Act? The state’s GOP legislators look at health care, especially for low income people, with a jaundiced eye, have denied and delayed Medicaid expansion, and consistently demonstrated that while there is money for deluded lawsuits against the U.S. government, coal ports, and inland ports, in spite of health risks inherent in these activities, spending actual greenbacks to help residents obtain good health care is not likely to happen here.

Of course, if those ill and suffering could only work, the leaders and their enablers might be willing to throw a few cents their way. Funny in a state where many profess to be their brothers' keepers. Sorry, Dr. Jarvis, not here.

Catherine Smith, Layton