Eric Rumple missed the mark in his op-ed about 3rd District Rep. John Curtis (“Curtis fails to take climate change seriously,” Sept. 30). While our congressman hasn’t endorsed carbon fee and dividend legislation, he has taken important steps to address climate change.

Curtis has sponsored or cosponsored three bills that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, like the Growing Climate Solutions Act. Just last week, he along with Democratic Rep. Alan Lowenthal called for a “National Clean Energy Week” and attracted support from 71 original cosponsors equally divided between Democrats and Republicans.

Curtis has talked openly and enthusiastically on the need to address climate change, admonishing everyone to leave the Earth better than we found it. He has spoken on the climate crisis in many diverse settings including Congress, the Sutherland Institute, a Mormon Environmental Stewardship Climate Symposium, and with “Climate Chats” on Facebook.

Do I wish Congressman Curtis would join Francis Rooney, the only Republican cosponsor of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act? Sure. It’s an effective market-based solution that is good for the economy, jobs, health and climate. But meanwhile I celebrate his passionate and courageous efforts to inform the public and create climate change solutions.

David Folland, Sandy