I am teaching the greatest generation. For over 10 years, I have taught both in and outside the United States, and the more I teach, the more I am convinced that the generation of students I teach really is one of the greatest generations.

There is little question that our nation currently faces a wave of political, racial and environmental tensions that increasingly separates 20th century generations in thought, action and collaboration with little promise of resolution. However, when I arrive to teach generations of the 21st century, I see a group of students who are interested in finding common ground, responsibly challenging systematic failures, questioning sources in efforts to find fact-based answers, and reaching across economic, political and racial divides to support one another in a climate of social toxicity that appears to have no end.

I see a generation that understands the need to think beyond themselves and work to preserve the world around them via collaboration and compassion. I see a generation interested in finding solutions and leaving their communities better than how they found them. I see a generation that insists on finding a silver lining, a better way and demonstrates an almost inexhaustible empathy for their peers. What a great century, decade and year in which to teach. Well done, students of the 21st century — fight the good fight and know that you really are the greatest generation.

Tayler Khater, South Jordan