First, great job and thank you to all who played a role in getting power back to the almost 200,000 folks who lost power. I’m sure it was a learning experience for many, as well.

We were without power for eight days. We did have one power cord from neighbors on either side of us to power our fridge/freezer and charge phones. It was glam-camping fun as much as an inconvenience at times. We made the best of it and were thankful for great neighbors.

What we learned is how much we waste or overuse energy. Just think if those who could, reduced power and used two sockets for a week each year. Technical folks could calculate what percentage of the population might participate and how much energy would be saved. How much pollution and carbon would be reduced?

Those who participated would be able to see how they could easily live on less power without reducing quality of life. You would discover your own pour-over coffee by candlelight moments. Hey, let’s try it with water, too. Just for a week.

Scott Reichard, Holladay