I cannot help but notice left-leaning media such as The Salt Lake Tribune and many others constantly bad-mouthing the South and generalizing all southerners as racists. We get slavery was a problem, but I grew up in a Christian family in the Bible Belt that taught me about all humans being created in the image of God, to love thy neighbor, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What’s so bad about that?

The nastiness coming from urban America and far-left leaning political groups and media is constantly railing on the South as if slavery were still an issue. The Tribune is just as guilty as any other in encouraging hatred of the South, hatred of people from the South and encouraging hostility toward the South by constantly attacking the conservative way of life, by ignoring the well-known hospitality of the South and by making fun of the South because of the cooking, the obesity, the education, etc.

You will never meet a more humble person than someone raised in the deep South. They may not be the smartest or richest, but southerners are the most genuine people you will ever find.

So generalizing the South as racists, which encourages hatred of everything from the South — is this not what Democrat-voting Americans and liberal media like The Tribune say they are against when they design a cartoon they say is about not generalizing all police as racists? Where are the Tribune’s efforts to not do the same thing with regards to the South?

When the editorial board of the Tribune constantly associates racism with the South instead of a problem that is nationwide, I really can’t see how that’s not generalizing, stereotyping, and fostering divisiveness, intolerance and hatred.

Perhaps the editorial board at The Salt Lake Tribune can learn about the good side of the South? Or maybe The Tribune’s editorial board could learn a lesson in humility from people in the South.

Scotty Pressley, West Valley City