In a letter to the editor, David Lancaster writes that “It doesn’t really matter who wins this election. America will get by just fine with either Donald Trump or Joe Biden as president.”

Wrong, David, wrong.

Yes, in every presidential election, the Democrats and the Republicans go at each other, fighting for votes by admonishing the public that this is the most important election ever. In the past, those entreaties may have been hyperbolic, but the election of 2020 is different. This time there truly is a crucial choice to make.

If Trump wins, the chaos and mayhem that have marked his first term will escalate with evermore tweetstorms, serial lying, name-calling, alienation of our allies, cozying up to dictators and white supremacists, environmental degradation, street violence fueled by right-wing hate groups, and of course, many more lives lost in the pandemic.

Ever since taking office, Trump has flouted the rules and thumbed his nose at those who criticize him or attempt to hold him accountable for his misdeeds. He gets away with his skulduggery and thuggery because the spineless swamp creatures in the Republican Party allow him to do it, making every imaginable excuse for the president’s appalling behavior.

If Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris win, they will have the daunting task of cleaning up the enormous mess that Trump leaves behind. It will take determination and the support of the American people. With hard work and resolve, we can restore some sense of normalcy and perhaps even regain the respect of the rest of the world.

But if Trump is triumphant, woe is us.

Linda Marion, Millcreek