We all must stop and look.

The Sunday night police response in Cottonwood Heights to people singing and dancing in the streets is an eye opener for all our communities. It’s clear we need our elected leaders to step up and represent the public response to this kind of police action.

We can do this by supporting officials such as Tali Bruce, a councilwoman in Cottonwood Heights who was reportedly punched in the throat and knocked to the ground during an encounter with a police officer. Her injuries required a hospital visit. Supporting her is needed to give her a larger voice in reform.

We must elect officials who will be a strong voice for police accountability. One such candidate is Sam Winkler, running to represent residents in West Jordan. Sam is a sergeant in the South Jordan Police Department and, importantly, is endorsed by the Salt Lake County Democratic Black Caucus. He is a voice we all need on the Hill to help mend the rift between police response and the public in all our communities.

The public is the power and holds the responsibility for needed change. It starts with awareness and continues with our votes in November.

Frank Brannan, Salt Lake City