I used to think that Trump was first and foremost a con man, but that in America — the bastion of democracy for over 200 years — he would never become a dictator. I was only partially right. He is now a con man and a dictator!

The first sign was his refusal to accept congressional oversight of his tax returns. Why? Do they demonstrate serious irregularities or that he has been far less successful than claimed or both? The second sign was his cabinet appointments - mainly second raters who willingly swore to make him their primary allegiance. The third was his claims of historic “achievements” - withdrawals from international accords, slashing climate controls, cutting taxes - all of which have proved negative for everyone here and abroad, except the richest 1% of Americans. Finally, his complete indifference and incompetence in handling the Coronavirus epidemic.

As with many dictators when in trouble, Trump is resorting to the iron fist. For Stalin it was starvation in the gulag or murder in prison for an estimated 20 million political opponents. For Trump it’s using federal officers to “keep the peace” in Democrat controlled cities. The result, as he no doubt expected, is turmoil and provides an excuse for even stronger action. If he loses in November, how will he react? Your guess is as good as mine.

Frank Fish, Taylorsville