We are faced with a dilemma — when, and under what circumstances, do we reopen schools? On the one hand, children’s education is very important. On the other, so is limiting the spread of COVID-19. Trying to pursue both these goals simultaneously is both necessary and very difficult. It is absolutely crucial that the people who are responsible for working out a strategy, school board members, deal with this matter conscientiously.

Therefore, based on The Tribune article “Salt Lake City schools won’t start until after Labor Day,” I believe that board members Michael Nemelka and Katherine Kennedy behaved disgracefully at the July 21 meeting. They should resign immediately. We need people who can forget about their egos and set aside their personal concerns. We need leaders who can collaborate respectfully with others to come up with the least bad solution, and deal with the consequences of not completely satisfying anybody.

Robert Argenbright, Salt Lake City