On the Fourth of July this year, Donald Trump inexplicably railed against education and educators in his feeble attempt to scare people into voting for him a second time. He said children are being taught in schools to “hate their country,” among other lies.

It really got me thinking about the things I actually do teach my students every year.

I teach my students that our country is a better place because of the diverse people who live here.

I teach my students that people and the planet are more important than profit. Always.

I teach my students about our planet, and how it is burning and dying. They have that burden to carry. They need to vote for people that care about rescuing it as much as they do.

I teach my students about our civic duty and right to vote. I teach them to research and vote for the people who have their best interests at heart.

I teach my students that a group of people who put children in cages and tear them away from their families will never have their best interests at heart.

I teach my students that science doesn’t lie or have “alternative” truths. When in doubt, read and listen to scientists who are members of professionally recognized organizations.

I teach them that Black lives matter and why.

I teach them to constantly question authority. Yes, even teachers.

I teach them that the idea of loving a country unconditionally is silly and childish. To truly love your country is to want it to be better for everyone.

I hope this administration will keep in mind that there are future voters that will very soon be putting their warped ideals into check. Maybe Donald Trump has good reason to be scared after all.

Krystal Gordon, Sandy