Hopefully, now that the NBA is about to resume play at the end of the month, there will be forgiveness for Rudy Gobert. He had the misfortune to be the first player to test positive for COVID-19 in early March. There was little empathy for him at the time, only anger and confusion.

As for Rudy, he went out of his way to make amends through apologies and dollar donations. We all know it could have been any other player first, and many more from the NBA and other sports have followed.

We as a country were taken by surprise when this virus moved beyond cruise ships and nursing care facilities. We citizens had not been prepared for the possible outbreaks because it was glossed over at the national level of government.

Since then, we’ve learned much about this coronavirus, none of it good. In fact, the current pandemic is still having surges in cases because many refuse to take precautions to protect themselves and others.

Nor did we understand that it could spread through asymptomatic carriers who wouldn’t appear to be ill.

We’ve learned a lot since Rudy was diagnosed. Yet, we’re still trying to swim upstream.

Recently Rudy spoke to the ever-curious media about some of what he’s gone through and how he’s learned to handle being a warrior. His approach showed maturity and courage.

Maybe, if the NBA gets back on track with this season’s end solution, those who still carry chips-on-their-shoulders can step back and show what they too are made of.

Eva J. McLellan, St. George