I woke up this morning, wondering about personal liberties and how we get along as humans.

When I was in a grocery store a few days ago, a woman without a mask was going the wrong way in the aisle. When I nicely mentioned that she was going the wrong way, she said, “I don’t care.”

What don't you care about? Infecting yourself and your loved ones, with the risk of losing them? Loss of your personal liberties with an out-of-control virus that prevents you from leaving your home?

On top of that, a fire is now raging, putting lives and property at great risk, started by fireworks that our state says we can buy and blow up three days before and after a holiday, and yet the stores sell them weeks before. I fear that we have come to a point where kindness and respect are being replaced by one’s own interpretations of personal liberties.

Can we be better than that, especially in the middle of a crisis? Let us be in a place where each of us will use the precautions and follow the guidelines for the health and well-being of all of us.

Maggie Laun, Millcreek