The narcissist has exceeded even himself. His sole desire is to be reelected.

Look at a part of his dismal record:

Truth be damned. The Washington Post reports over 16,000 lies from President Trump in his first three years in office.

Racism. Exhibited by his comments of “good people on both sides,” desire

to protect monuments to Confederate leaders and comments about immigrants.

His totally unpresidential belittling and derogatory comments about political opponents as well as foreign nations.

He has shown a reckless disregard for American lives in his abjectly poor leadership during the pandemic. Recently it was reported that Trump did know, as early as 2019, that bounties had been offered by a Russian intelligence unit to Taliban militants for Americans killed.

Whatever Putin has on Trump, it has caused a flat-out dereliction of duty by our president, bordering on treasonous behavior.

It is time for Donald Trump to resign, or be removed from office as quickly as possible.

George D. Melling, Holladay