Dear Gov. Herbert:

With the exploding number of COVID-19 cases since you started signing “opening up” executive orders is frightening. It really appears that you have squandered the momentum we had controlling the virus because of greed favoring business over public health.

Now, to regain anything like the control we looked like we had, it's going to cost many more lives and a whole lot more on the economy than two more weeks of patients before "opening" could have provided.

I praised you for finally going on camera wearing a mask, but your reckless, greedy course of opening up too soon is proving to be your bane. And the death of many more vulnerable Utah's, particularly the elderly and other minorities.

Your careless actions make me feel trapped. And we won't be able to feel safe until someone with courage steps in to lead and hold the course, like the governor of Michigan has for her state.

No thanks to you or your lieutenant governor, Spencer Cox.

Marv Poulson, Salt Lake City