Letter: Vote out the Trump Mob

(Susan Walsh | AP file photo) In this June 28, 2019, photo, President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin walk to participate in a group photo at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

Seldom is it as obvious as now that President Donald Trump and his key aide Attorney General William Barr are telling us clearly what they advocate doing whenever they complain about those whom they identify as most evil, most opposed, or most worthy of Trump’s anger.

If he howls about protesters and opposition of nearly any color, then we should understand that he is informing us of what he would do if he were in their shoes.

Since what he desires most is destruction of stable American values, arrived at through his treasonous, secret phone conferences with his coach, Vladimir Putin, it is critical to formulate a Trump Strategy Manual by watching what he does and what he advocates, informed by his screams through in that vile, shrill howl that he emits daily. Much of it is his idea of “great,” focused on hyper-racist presumptions of dictatorial power, representing Putin-like white supremacy and adviser Stephen Miller’s supreme hatred of non-whites, all the while gathering the maximum amount of American wealth possible for personal/family gain.

We approach the time to assure that we successfully vote Trump and the Trump Mob out of power. No more critical moment will ever present itself again, given that there will not be a second chance if we fail.

Ivan Weber, Salt Lake City

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