I recently the letter to the editor from Chase Kimball, decrying Pat Bagley for spewing hate in his editorial cartoons. I have been a subscriber for many years, as well, and thank God we have Pat Bagley.

For years, Bagley has given me a laugh and a light-hearted look at some of the most ridiculous political and social situations. Like many people, I am appalled at the nonsense coming from Washington, D.C., and sometimes from our own state capital. It is often stressful to hear information that appears nonsensical and often stupid.

I appreciate Pat giving me a chance to laugh and ease my angst, if for only just a moment. I've never considered it spewing hate, but easing our stress and giving us a chance to smile.

Keep it up, Pat Bagley. You continue to be one of my favorite parts of The Salt Lake Tribune, which I will subscribe to as long as we're both still alive.

John Funk, Salt Lake City