Because of his high levels of anxiety, my son Samuel struggled with his learning at our local brick-and-mortar school. That’s why I decided to find a school option that works for him. Fortunately, that was found with an online school.

I enrolled Sam at Utah Virtual Academy to help with his emotional needs and to allow him to learn from the comfort of our home. Sam’s had a positive experience with his online classes because of the teachers and administrators at UTVA. They respond to questions immediately and provide constant feedback on his assignments. They also have recorded calls and emails to remind Sam of assignments and deadlines.

As his mother, they also gave me the resources and support I need to help Sam be successful. As many parents now know, the move to online learning is a big transition. But with the help we received, we were able to navigate it like pros without raising his or my anxiety.

It’s amazing to see firsthand the impact of finding the right learning environment for your child. With the changes we’re seeing in our schools this spring, we must protect school choice so every family can choose the option that works for them.

JaNae Lewis, Pleasant Grove