The coronavirus has focused a spotlight on the incompetence of our president.

Our system of government is based on the concept that cities deal with city issues, counties with county issues and states with state issues. The virus is a national issue and should have been confronted head-on by our federal government.

President Trump, however, was asleep at the wheel and, when he finally woke up, he abdicated his responsibility, outsourcing the problem to the states’ governors who have been competing among themselves for medical supplies.

The federal government should have devised and coordinated a national testing system. We needed someone to establish a fair and effective method for allocating medical equipment and protective gear, someone to bring order to the chaos.

Instead, we got a man who, in recent weeks, has suggested that you may ward off the virus by chugging Lysol or shining a light down your throat.

Those of you who voted for Trump, please think again. He is not a leader, but rather a self-absorbed snake oil salesman who needs to be shown the door come November.

Allan W. Smart, Salt Lake City