I’m writing in response to George Ekdahl’s April 6 letter to the editor.

Mr. Ekdahl, your letter is a classic example of a Trump supporter spewing "alternate facts" fed to you by either Fox News or some extreme right wing media outlet (in this case The Gateway Pundit).

The facts are that the New York pandemic review you referenced in your letter wasn't just performed in 2015. It was years in the making covering multiple scenarios. The review you referenced did identify that in the event of a Spanish flu-like pandemic that New York hospitals would need over 15,000 ventilators. The report acknowledges that a state couldn't own that number of ventilators, as there would not be nearly enough medical personnel to operate them. They would just sit in a warehouse. Further, in that report there is no mention that 16,000 ventilators were available to purchase (let alone at discount price).

Mr. Ekdahl you complain about George Pyle’s “harsh language” and then defend Donald Trump’s performance by pointing out Trump's foresight to restrict people coming from China on Jan. 31.

You failed to mention Trump’s comments on Jan. 22, where he was asked if he was worried about the coronavirus. His response: “No. Not at all. And we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s-going to be just fine.”

What about Trump’s tweet on Feb. 24, that the virus “is very much under control” and the stock market “starting to look very good to me.”

Mr. Ekdahl, you wrote a legible if factually inaccurate letter to the editor, which makes you an intellect in the world of Trump supporters. However, when the layers of alternate facts and lies are peeled away, the truth gets exposed. You may not like the truth but it is what it is.

This Democrat and many others aren’t cheering for Trump to fail during this crisis. We have family and friends we want to see alive. We have financial investments that we don’t want to see collapse. We also know that if the Trump administration hadn’t wasted two months where America could have been preparing instead of gaslighting and outright lying to the American people, the loss of lives would have been less and likely the impact on the economy would not be as severe.

History will record this crisis as a failure of presidential leadership. Let’s hope it’s not part of America’s obituary.

Ryan Hinkins, Salt Lake City