The Utah Legislature has finally come upon a really good idea. They want to require a group of people to have the full and graphic understanding of important decisions they are about to make.

I support this fully. I'd like legislators to fully and graphically understand their decisions to ruin the lives of their grandchildren. I'd like them to know that only they can choose to save their own descendants' precious lives by creating system change.

They can stop funding fossil fuels and focus only on extremely rapid transition to solar, wind, and thermal.

What we need is to kidnap each and every one of them and require them to watch scientific and nature programming until they get it.

Get what?

That humanity has become a geophysical force.

That the scale of what humanity has done is on the same order of magnitude as the oxygen revolution 2.1 billion years ago, when cyanobacteria paved the way for multi-celled life, and as the asteroid 66 million years ago that paved the way for mammals.

That only people like them, in every decision, everywhere, can reduce the worldwide suffering and death to come.

If you do your part, even the billionaires will come around.

Jill Merritt, Salt Lake City