What future good can come from Donald Trump? The angst prevalent in anti-Trumpers like me is ubiquitous as we see traditions crumble, like the Department of Justice tampering with sentencing of the guilty Roger Stone or a Medal of Freedom bestowed upon the racist homophobe Rush Limbaugh by a narcissist president trashing our democracy through attacks on our laws and values.

This president’s power is strangling our democracy; he is destroying our country!

We are out of balance between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. Past politicians traditionally led by pushing their conservative and liberal beliefs. They have been competent or marginally competent, but governed reasonably, using precedent.

Now, we have an amoral, xenophobic, antichrist-incompetent, seducing half of our electorate by pro-business deregulation, climate-denying fantasies that promote earth-shattering pollution and one who panders and emboldens racists to attack dark-skinned people or Jews or anyone else the presidential antichrist doesn’t like.

My hope is that lessons learned from this monumental political fiasco, using the methods I have learned through 40 plus years of medical practice and study: Learn from your mistakes.

The political class of our country must learn from the mistakes of this administration and president. If we cannot, God help us.

Richard H. Keller, Salt Lake City