A standing ovation for an ousted ambassador, applause for the patriotism of a military officer being escorted from the White House and admiration for the principled resignation of four federal prosecutors isn’t near enough gratitude for the actions of United States citizens defending our Constitution. Unfortunately, it appears we are depending upon the dignity of ordinary people to cast aside everything they have worked toward their entire lives to save us, because we are desperate and afraid and know of no other option, because the vote has woefully failed us in the past.

Fear not! A nonprofit can come to the rescue. Let’s call it the Presidentially Oppressed Relief Organization, or PORO for short and easy to remember when dealing with POTUS. Just think of the possibilities: emergency funds to meet those nagging electric and student loan payments; the likely endless number of support groups popping up all over the country crowded with veterans of the same conflict; employment websites tailored for the jobs requiring a strong backbone, guts and conviction that utilize years of education and experience — or wisdom, as it was mythically referred to in the old days.

With PORO to cover our (their) backs, no one need make the awful choice between doing what is right and providing for your own welfare and the welfare of those you love. So, let’s hear all those voices shout out and take a stand. We’re mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore!

Artelle Cracraft, Tooele