I cried crocodile tears when I read about Bill Barton’s political woes (“I have only one senator now,” Feb. 6).

Only one senator to represent him? I can only imagine what it would be like to feel so disenfranchised.

Most disturbing about Barton’s letter was the use of the term “we,” as in “We have to accept the fact that we have only one senator in Washington representing us.”

For whom is he speaking?

Barton’s perspective is not the only one, even in Utah. Does Barton realize that “we” Salt Lake County voters helped to elect Barack Obama in 2008, and that more of “us” voted for Hillary Clinton and Evan McMullin than voted for Trump in 2016?

Finally, is Barton aware that the Utah Legislature is more than 80% Republican, and that 83% of those we send to Congress are Republican, even though fewer than half of Utah voters are registered as Republicans?

I wish that Mr. Barton would remember that he does not speak for all Utah voters, and that there are many of “us” who deeply respect Mr. Romney’s courage and integrity during the impeachment trial.

Ken Roach, Salt Lake City