Sometimes it amazes me, though not often enough, how little logic some members of the Utah Legislature use when proposing bills.

This past week Sen. Mitt Romney voted to convict Donald Trump on the first of two articles of impeachment, abuse of power. The very next day, members of the Utah Legislature were calling for Romney’s censure.

The legislators feared retribution from Trump because of Romney’s vote. Any president of the United States who uses his power to punish a state of more than 3 million people because of one vote of one of its senators is abusing his power. Romney voted to convict Trump precisely because the president had abused his power.

If members of the Legislature genuinely fear that Trump will abuse the power of the presidency by taking out retribution on the state of Utah, then they should all proudly stand with Romney and declare that we as a state and a nation have had enough of this president’s abuses.

Anne Thomsen, Sandy