Recently, Gov. Gary Herbert pulled out of a state-branded campaign to promote safe sex and HIV awareness.

Did the packaging rub him the wrong way? Was he not fond of how the Health Department rolled down the campaign? Some mental barrier prevents him from seeing Utah as a safe sex advocate? Or maybe it's a natural latex aversion that keeps him from using this incredibly effective method.

The Tribune reported that it was “the use of innuendo” that triggered his gag reflex. Is innuendo a Trojan horse? If you release one taxpayer-funded joke, then taxpayer-funded management of STDs might follow. Such outcomes should be repressed, not pumped into the mainstream. Pretty soon there'd be a veritable orgy of safe practices.

Whatever the reason, Herbert has chosen to abstain. We can hope that he has some as unrevealed back-door plan for protecting his taxpayers, or that this climactic campaign didn't fit in with the rhythm of another method of his.

But, for now, we’ll miss out on those great state-branded resources and our dear governor, bless his heart, will take a lot of ribbing for his decision to pull out of an incredibly clever sexual health awareness campaign.

And that just sucks.

Heather Nowlin, West Valley City