The wussy Congress is one of the biggest reasons Mr. Trump has gone further rogue than most presidents before him. The war powers assertion made recently by the House of Representatives is an impeccably reasonable request related to national security and White House war-making.

And yet eight Democrats, including our own peach-fuzzed Ben McAdams, refused to vote for this minimal, scared-of-our-shadow, concurrent resolution. All this non-binding vote does is beg the executive department of government to throw Congress a bone's worth of information before the president goes too far down the path of a new drone war.

These Democrats hail from areas that have a lot of Republican voters, some of whom voted for them. So, not out of principle, but out of greed, ambition, ignorance, fear of Trump, or need for attention, these Democrats voted against what amounts to a small serving of apple pie, motherhood, and human rights for Congresspersons.


Robert Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross