The Salt Lake Tribune recently reported that almost three-fourths of Utah residents support our state legislator ratifying equality for all in the United States Constitution

Upon a closer look at the referenced poll, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints overwhelming support ratification, even though the church officially opposes it.

According to the poll, 64% of members who consider themselves “very active” and 66% who are “less active” support the resolution.

Regarding feminism, the church’s website states, “Men and women are equal – one is not superior to another.” If men and women are equal according to the church, it only makes sense that they also be equal under the law.

The statement on the website continues to suggest that some feminist philosophies advocate for extreme ideas that do not support teachings of the church. As its members are aware, ratifying the ERA and enshrining women’s equal protections in the Constitution is not an extreme feminist philosophy. It is merely providing the same protections for both men and women.

Our state legislators overlooked the will of the people on Proposition 2 (Utah Medical Cannabis Act) and proposition 3 (Medicaid expansion) and the recent tax bill (voters are waiting with baited breath to see if they will do the same with proposition 4, Independent Redistricting). Our representatives should finally turn the page, start living up to their title of “representative,” truly represent the will of the people, and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment this legislative session.

Charlotte Maloney, Millcreek