I find it appalling that our con man president has us on the brink of war, as a diversionary tactic against impeachment. And who benefits? The president, of course, and war contractors like Blackwater.

Recent history has shown the effectiveness of economic sanctions as an alternative to war, as used to impede the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. Maybe it is time for countries around the world to impose sanctions and travel bans on offending U.S. officials, seize their assets, and impose trade bans on U.S. goods.

And U.S. citizens could boycott industries supporting war and divest financial interest in companies trafficking in war-for-profit. I suppose it would be too much to ask of our hawks in government to lead all future ground wars, rather than conning a bunch of unemployed 18-year-old high school graduates with dreams of glory.

Daren Cornforth, Providence