President Trump now seems to be focused on a war with Iran. Those who support Trump seemingly support a war with Iran.

If they are sincere, they should immediately sign up their sons and daughters into branches of the military. They should call their church missionary sons and daughters home and have them enlist. They should demand the sons and daughters of the president enlist in the military along with the sons and daughters of administration officials, members of Congress and all of the sons and daughters of the 1%.

Warmongers should demand we reinstate the compulsory service, with no exceptions or loopholes, and draft all young men and women between the ages of 18 and 30. No matter what. Yes, even if they are a football star at the University of Whatever, and no matter if their parents make millions of dollars a year.

I was going to suggest those actions might make Trump think twice about reckless warmongering and political assassination, but I would be wrong.

Ronald J. Rood, Magna