Letter: Sign the petition against tax reform

(Chris Samuels | Tribune file photo) Salt Lake County Councilwoman and gubernatorial candidate Aimee Winder Newton signs a ballot referendum to repeal the recently passed tax reform bill at a press conference at the Utah State Capitol, Monday, Dec. 23, 2019.

The hits just keep coming from our one-party state Legislature.

After giving us gerrymandered districts, delayed Medicaid, underfunded education, etc., they have outdone themselves recently with the inland port authority proposal and a tax restructuring (tax cut?), the latter being so outrageous that even Republicans running for governor are against it.

They have tried to justify these regressive taxes on food and gas by claiming these taxes can be offset by filing for rebates and credits. As The Tribune pointed out, this only makes sense if you have an accountant doing your taxes. Many low-income people will not be able to do this, plus many do not file taxes. So those just getting by pay more to justify a tax reduction for the well-off. Bad law.

Until our classrooms are reduced to fewer than 30 students and our explosive growth moderates, a tax cut for the well-off makes about as much sense as their inland port proposal.

To find out more, go to utah2019tax.com to find where to sign a referendum. If you really want to demonstrate good citizenship, volunteer to collect signatures. This is especially true if you live in a small county, because there has to be at least 8% support in 15 counties for this referendum to pass.

Do it today, as the deadline is Jan. 21.

Ray McEvilly, Millcreek

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