First, I want to commend BYU-Idaho for reversing its policy to exclude students whose only health insurance was Medicaid. Many of these students were married, many working to make ends meet, and most already faced high financial hurdles. Easing their path was the right thing to do. But second, I am curious how The Tribune managed to write this long and detailed story without a single mention of the often maligned Obamacare (ACA for short). That letter from the feds OK’ing Idaho’s Medicaid expansion? Necessary to implement ACA provisions to extend health care coverage to people like struggling BYU students. Be warned, though, students: Republicans, including President Trump, are suing to kill the ACA, to kill your health insurance. Utah’s Legislature has joined that suit and has attacked and damaged Utahns’ citizen initiative for full ACA Medicaid expansion. Remember as next year’s elections roll around just who is trying to help you and who is trying to harm you.

John Griswold, Millcreek