On Nov. 24, CBS’s “60 Minutes” ran a segment on the Russian interference in the 2016 election.

While I had assumed the likelihood of this to have happened was real, I always had some questions as to the validity of the true ability of our technical wizards to point a solid finger at the perpetrators.

The segment left no doubt in my mind the hacking, influencing, and disinformation around the 2016 election was/is real. Not only have our cyber teams identified the members of Russia’s spy organizations as the culprits but laid out the who and what of the continuing attacks.

I was shaken to my core to finally realize not only did these bad actors from Russia shake the foundations of our republic, but also that the details that were not revealed, for security reasons, point even more heavily to the depth of the sureness of this activity.

And just as sure is that elected officials are aware of these deep details. I specifically think of our existing occupant of the White House. Knowing what he certainly knows, how can that person continue to deny the Russian involvement?

The simple answer is adding credibility to this saga would taint his election. It saddens me that we have this caliber of person as the president.

Kent C. Overly, Draper