After reading the Nov. 13 letter “What not to give” from Kip Yost, I want to give a positive approach to caring donors instead of patronizing them. I wish Kip would have put it in a more encouraging way so the community would feel appreciated for their donations and not belittled.

I volunteer at a church food pantry as a lead. I cannot express to you how many thank yous, God bless yous, etc., we hear from the homeless population. I have dear friends in this community whom I have grown to love. Right, Kip, they are our neighbors.

Thank you to everyone who supports the homeless with donations, concern and more. It’s truly appreciated. Yes, some items work better than others. If you have questions about donating, call the shelters or pantries to ask for their advice.

Living in the elements, the warmer blankets are better, especially in upcoming months. Yes, with living outside and moving around, the smaller travel-sized toiletries are handier, but please do not stop giving the larger items also. Coats and jackets are so needed, but please check that they function correctly before donating. Yes, all items are valued.

Again, thanks to everyone who supports this community.

Terri Jean Drashner, Salt Lake City