“Domestic violence” is an action we all like to think is happening someplace far away, not here and not to people you know. Sadly, domestic violence is happening right here in Salt Lake City, and possibly to someone you know.

There have been high-profile cases that garner headlines in the newspaper, but many more are not reported or, sadly, are not acted on promptly by law enforcement.

Are the women in your life going to be questioned about their sexual activity or what they were wearing if they have been a victim of abuse? Or, will they be treated as victims who need support during a hard time?

Some law enforcement agencies still are asking questions as if the victim asked for the abuse they received. We should expect better from the people we pay to protect and serve the community.

If the protection of women children and families is truly a value that we hold dear, then we must stand up and protect those who are victims of domestic violence and keep the law enforcement officials we pay to protect us accountable for protecting our citizens from harm even if the crime is a hidden one.

Christina Mikesell, Layton