Thank you, Ron Molen, for stating that the people of Utah are not being represented by the religious Legislature (theocracy) the way they should be.

The early leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the 1830s wanted to convert as many people as possible and then politically vote in one block to form a theocracy. Three times in about 12 years, the Mormons were compelled to move to another area because of this. They were not a peaceful asset to the communities.

In the town of Nauvoo, Ill., the Mormons acquired charters and so Joseph Smith was then not only the prophet, he was also the lieutenant-general with a beautiful uniform, a sword and a militia of 4,000 men.

The general membership in those days just obediently followed the prophet, just like they do today. And, like then, members are encouraged to get involved in politics. One example: Why does the Mormon Legislature for the last 10 years vote against health care for 60,000 Utahns that the more compassionate federal government will pay for?

I implore all Utahns to vote for the Constitution to be honored and improve the lives of all Utahns, as Ron wrote.

Keep church and state completely separate.

Ria van Lent, Woods Cross