Thanks to George Pyle (13 Oct.) for using the most accurate term to describe the mortal danger imperiling the republic: fascism.

One quibble: Donald Trump is not a fascist. He’s a psychopath; his ideology is the “Donaldism.” But a fascist movement, comprising some 30% of the adult population, has coalesced around the vortex of psychopathy in the White House.

American fascism is not entirely coherent ideologically, but that doesn’t matter because it’s not about ideas. It’s about intense, blind hatred. Racism, hatred of immigrants, yes, but most of all hatred of “liberals.”

You can prove, based on the historical record, that the U.S. was founded by liberals on the basis of liberal principles, but they literally will not hear you. What they believe is shaped entirely by what they hate. They believe liberals are traitors.

Trump is going down, probably not through impeachment, but in the next election certainly. Or his obvious mental deterioration accelerates so much that leading Republicans jump ship. Trump is going down, but the fascist movement will survive and grow even more embittered and hateful. And many of them are exceedingly well-armed. This is the main threat to America’s survival, not Trump.

Robert Argenbright, Salt Lake City