Erin Mendenhall used to be my City Council representative, and I always found her to be responsive to constituent needs as well as extremely passionate about Salt Lake City. Her intimate knowledge of how the city works would be a wonderful asset to have in the mayor’s office.

Regarding the inland port, she has pledged to look out for the city’s interests, but I believe she’ll also approach the issue in a measured way that acknowledges political realities and the benefits of economic development.

Furthermore, Erin’s experience as an air quality advocate is needed and I’m so excited about her plan to plant 1,000 trees each year on the west side to help correct the east-west tree disparity and increase property values.

Finally, she has pledged to restore the neighborhood cleanup program. It has been a nightmare without the annual dumpsters and I’d love to get them back.

For these reasons and more, I urge all voters to consider sending Erin to City Hall to get things back on track for Salt Lake City.

Ryan D. Curtis, Salt Lake City