On July 27, 2016, my U.S. representative, Chris Stewart, referring to President Barack Obama, wrote:

“Our Founding Fathers got it right. They gave us a president and not a king. Knowing this, I have objected vigorously as this President pulls more and more unconstitutional powers to himself. If a future Republican president were to do the same thing, I will condemn him just as vigorously.”

Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, which includes Salt Lake City and much of Utah’s most beautiful and important rural lands, is represented by the Honorable Chris Stewart. The quote above is from Stewart’s website.

Will Stewart represent Utah’s 2nd as he promised and vigorously stand against executive overreach and abuse of power? Will our congressman recognize that a much greater and impeachable offense is that our president is now violating the Constitution and his oath of office, putting our national security and democracy at risk?

Congressman Stewart, please represent the quiet majority of your constituents and be true to your moral conscience, as Sen. Mitt Romney has done. Show the world that Utah’s 2nd District is filled with loyal patriots. Condemn this president vigorously and vote to impeach him. Then let the Senate decide.

Randal Koziatek, Salt Lake City