As many contributors to this forum have eloquently, unequivocally and strongly presented the president’s violations of Oath of Office, a change must happen either by the 25th Amendment or in November 2020.

The largely sanctimonious hypocrisy of supporting Republicans belies, you would think, their true convictions and certainly damages their party’s historical integrity.

While we are forced to confront these obvious obstruction violations, we are losing international positioning for continued leadership to offset China’s pursuit of strategic and resource dominance.

We do have intelligent and capable leaders who could serve to clean up the toxic partisan vitriol, with the best welfare of our country their desired legacy. But who are they and will they rise to the challenge? (Maybe two with Utah roots.)

We are past “hope” and now must be a consensus voting public to return to “of the people and by the people” government and, yes, locally, too.

Peter R. Finn, Salt Lake City