I am writing to commend Sen. Mitt Romney for his bold leadership on market-based climate solutions. His recent remarks highlighting the wisdom of the carbon dividends climate plan gives me great hope for the future.

As a student at Brigham Young University, I know the importance of stewardship for the planet we are blessed to call home. And as a young person with my life ahead of me, I have a clear understanding of what’s at stake for my generation.

Climate instability threatens to erode economic growth, endanger our national security, and disrupt the American way of life. That’s why Romney’s leadership is so important.

The carbon dividends solution — advanced by Republican statesmen such as James A. Baker III and George P. Shultz, and supported by leaders including former Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis — has emerged as a breakthrough solution. It would be a win for environmental stability and continued economic growth.

I applaud Romney for his insightful remarks on this topic and urge him to stay the course. With it, he will earn the sincere gratitude of my generation and the countless yet to come.

Anna Wilder, Provo